One proof super soft Azuki buns.





Look at the photo , need I say more ?




Window pane achieved in few minutes made possible only by  Thermomix.






Azuki aka red bean paste. From soaking to cooking and blending , again in one TM bowl.  Easy cooking and washing up, no fuss .



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Asian favorite snack – Baked Cassava






Grade , weigh , blend , pour .  All in one TM bowl and bake.  such yummilicious sweet snack prepared under 10 min and only one bowl to clean and wash.

You just got to have Thermomix in your kitchen.


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What Thermomix TM5 can do, seeing is believing with just one demo and you will be amazed!

Thermomix TM5, it is not about if you can or know how to cook or bake.  As long as you can read and cut up ingredients, One-touch user friendly TM5 will cook up perfect healthier food for you with control temperature that will retain the nutrition of your food.

Whipping up perfect Meringue ….



For Chiffon cakes, sponge cakes, all cakes that need separation of egg white and yolk.






Stir fry Asian food….









Thermomix knead beautiful bread dough, pasta dough, pizza dough, Asian version dough ….




20151219_161737All time Asian snack Muah Chee…








Stewing or braising….



20160222_183557Mouth watering Beef Curry…


Preservative-free, on demand soy milk, rice milk, almond milk, etc…..



Effortless sauces and dips… Mayonnaise in minutes.


All natural Jam and Spread all from scratch without standing in front of the stove to constantly stir with watchful eyes…




All time Asian favourite Coconut Jam or Kaya, that wow New York City too….



And home made Ice Cream and Sorbet under 5 minutes…. Refreshing Lychee Sorbet in 2 minutes.


or Mixed Berries Sorbet…..



What are you waiting for ??  :)



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Delicious Asian Street Food- Muah Chee ( or Mochi) coated with peanuts and sugar mix.

20151219_161737                            20151219_161613

Muah Chee, a delicious snack that can be eaten any time of the day. Used to sell by old man street peddlers, whenever we hear the ringing sound from his bell, we will ask parents for 10 cents to buy ourselves this delicious snack.

It’s easy and fast making muah chee at home with Thermomix.

– 120g Glutinous rice flour
– 180g Water
– 1 tablespoon of fried shallot oil for greasing the steaming bowl
– 1.5 litre of water for steaming
– 1 packet of Pre-mixed peanut and sugar mix ( if you are in Asia, it is easily found in any supermarket ) if not,
– 200g of roasted groundnuts/peanuts
– 30 – 40g of castor sugar (depending on level of individual sweet-tooth)

If you are preparing your own peanut and sugar mix, prepare this in advance.
– place nuts into TM bowl set Turbo at 2 seconds to whisk nuts into sand like texture. Increase time if necessary.
– When peanuts texture has been milled to your liking, add sugar in and give it another 0.5 second turbo to mix well.
Set peanuts sugar mix aside or keep in air tight container until ready to use.

For batter;
– Place flour and water in TM bowl set 10 seconds at speed 6 to mix into smooth batter
– Pour mixed batter into a steaming bowl, set aside.
– Give TM bowl a quick rinse, fill it with water and place Varoma deep dish on the cover. Set 30 min at Varoma at speed 3.
When temperature reached Varoma, place the steaming bowl with flour batter into Varoma dish and steam for 16 minutes, depending on the season you are in. If it’s autumn or winter, steam for further 2 minutes.
– If the solidified cooked muah chee turned into an opaque color, you know it is done. Set aside to cool.

When ready to eat, pour enough peanuts and sugar mix onto a place, use scissors to snip the cooled muah chee into bite sizes and place them onto the plate coat generously with peanuts and sugar. Remember to grease your scissors before use :)

Yummilicious.. Give it a try! Simple, fast and a very addictive snack for all ages.

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I am making Fish balls for dinner tonight.


For those who might have missed my last year post on this Umami fish balls, here I am posting my Thermomix made fish balls noodle soup again

I remember seeing how my mother used to hand made fish balls, such a tedious chores!  The flesh will splash all over the place as she slapped the fish meat (flesh) hard into the bowl repeatedly in order to obtain a firm and bouncy texture of the fish balls.   As a cleanliness freak, I have no intention to do that with the fish meat splashing God knows where !

But with Thermomix, ha har :P !  That’s a different thing altogether.  I now made fish balls very often and not having a slightest headache over the hassle.

If you have a Thermomix at home, follow the recipe below and you will get umami fish balls with the bounce, guaranteed!

Ingredients :
300g Fish Flesh ( over here in Asia, we normally use Yellow Tail, Mackerels ) I will explore other fish next round :P
150g of ice cold water ( ice and water together )
2 teaspoon of table salt.

If you want to increase the amount of the fish, rule of thumb, ice water is always half the weight of the fish.

You will have to buy fish fillet or if you are getting whole fish, just ask your fishmonger to fillet it for you.
Use a spoon to scrape all the flesh off the fish, avoiding the bones.
The remaining head, bones and skin, I use them to brew into tasty soup for my fish balls soup noodle.

– Place the fish and ice water into TM bowl, set 30 seconds at speed 6, turn the dial to start.
– Scrape down the fish from the side of the bowl, and set for 6 minutes at Kneading.
– * Usually, at the last 2 minutes, add in the salt through the hole on the lid. And when the time is up. It is done.

* But, depending on 1)the type of fish and 2)how cold was the flesh, whether it’s straight from the fridge or at room temperature kneading is done when you could see that the texture of the fish paste comes together and not so sticky and wet.
So if need be, knead another 1 to 2 minutes.

Once the kneading is done, place a scoop of fish paste in one of your palm, close your fist and squeeze the fish paste comes through the hole between the thumb and index finger. Use a spoon on the other hand to scoop it off and place the fish balls into a bowl of water. Repeat until all fish paste is finished.

Fish balls have to be soaked in the water for about an hour to draw out some of the salt. After which, they are ready to cook.
Boil the fish balls for 3 to 4 minutes depending on how much are the fish balls in the pot you are using. Test the doneness as you go along.

Variation : you can add chopped chives, or finely chopped chillies, or chopped carrots or all of the above, into the bowl at the last 1 minute of kneading.

I will post the forming of the fish balls by hand the next time when my better half is at home to help me snap photos of the process. :)

I hope you can try these babies out, they are really good eat and healthy too!








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3 generations cough remedy.

Whatever cough mixture prescribed by clinic if it didn’t helped your irritating and nagging coughs soon enough. You may want to try this 3 generations cough remedy that pass down from my in law’s family, which at least has helped us saw improvement and ease our nagging cough every time.  You have to drink this twice a week at least for 2 to 3 weeks though.

One Chinese pear, peeled, cored and quarter. 1 tablespoon of bitter almond(北杏) ,  I  tablespoon of Chuanbei (川贝) , and   few julienne dried orange peel  (陳皮). 2 cup of water. 1 piece of 2cm size rock sugar.

With thermomix at temperature 90 deg,  set time for 1 hour at reverse stir speed.

If you reckon it’s not helpful for you, at least it is natural ingredients and not chemicals.










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Asian Artisan Milk Buns with water roux by Thermomix

Water roux milk buns, notorious for their wet messy dough in the making but stay soft and fluffy for days after baked.
With Thermomix TM5, whatever wet messy dough bother me no more because my thermomix will handle it all.














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TM5 Thermomix , the newest revolution kitchen help ever invented.

A cake mixer that can cook rice.
A rice cooker that can make ice cream or sorbet.
An ice cream maker that stir fry, stew and cook soup.
A fryer that mill grains or coffee or Chia seeds into fine powder.
A blender that can be your steamer.
A steamer that can knead your bread or pasta dough.
A dough maker that mill and stir while cooking your baby food at the same time.

Can you find another awesome kitchen help like Thermomix? Only Vorwerk’s Thermomix.

These are just some of the many things Thermomix TM5 can help you in your domestic kitchen or professional commercial kitchen.

If you are in Singapore, call +6597550253 for enquiry.


Kneading Bread Dough





Pumpkin Cheese Cake Blondie












Preservatives free mayonnaise in 2 minutes.












Mixed berries sorbet in minutes.










Constant temperature for healthy stir fry.





Sweet or savory pastry


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Traditional Chinese dessert – Black Sesame Cream.


Black Sesame Cream freshly brew by Thermomix TM5 in just 20 minutes and there you got it, compare to traditional laborious work and longer time spent.

Creamy,silky smooth texture in a sweet note, great dessert, great taste and loads of benefits.  Now, anyone can prepare it at home any time whenever you need it, at ease if I might add.

Black Sesame Seeds: A Natural Remedy for Grey Hair + 10 Amazing Health Benefits.



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Lemon Chia Seeds With Coconut Oil Cake by Thermomix TM5.


Packed with wholesome goodness of Chia seeds and Coconut Oil, this TM5 easy recipe takes less than 20min in preparation and washing just one TM bowl. How good is life with Thermomix!


TM 5




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